OA 147: Tiffany Bowtell - Property Management Outsourcing

April 27, 2018

In this episode, Derek is joined by Tiffany Bowtell, the founder and CEO of Property Management Virtual Assistant. Join Derek as they talk more broadly with Tiffany’s Property Management Services, specialized BPOs and as a new player to the outsourcing industry.



  • Tiffany Bowtell is the founder and CEO of Property Management Virtual Assistant that is largely based in Clark, Pampanga.
  • Originally, PMVA is a training and coaching company.
  • Tiffany shares that trust is everything when you're running a company in one country and you've got workers in another country.  
  • Tiffany compares and explain some key difference on training and upskilling people in the Philippines versus in Australia.


Key Points:

  • The spirit of the Filipino workforce is one of the most attractive component in outsourcing to the Philippines
  • It was the attitude and the likability of the Filipino workforce and their ‘can do’ attitude which was really attractive and made it quite easy to integrate from a local business to a global business.





OA 146: Fred Chua - Call Centers: Then and Now

April 24, 2018

Derek is joined by Fred Chua, the founder, CEO and director of Magellan Solutions.  Join Derek as he deep dives into Fred’s experience in focusing on the SME market.


  • Fred started off as a call center agent back in 2001.
  • Their call centers are primarily focused on managing SMEs.
  • They are currently a 600 seat call center operation, the majority of their business are US based companies, while the smaller portion is Europe and Australia.
  • Fred shares that people before did have a negative perception of call centers saying that it's a dead end job where there's really no progress at all.
  • Fred share his insights in the BPO industry of today as opposed to yesteryear.

Key Points:

  • Magellan Solutions is a Filipino owned call center that has been established since 2004.
  • Call centers is the only industry that has 15-20% year on year growth potential.




OA 145: Regina Evangelista - Inception of Mr.Outsource

April 20, 2018

In this episode, Derek is joined by Regina Evangelista.  She is the Co-founder and CEO of Mr. Outsource.  Join us as we talk about the outsourcing and virtual assistant opportunities in the Philippines.


  • Regina is the CEO of Mr. Outsource.  She is also the author of the Outsourcing Mastery book: 17 secrets to outsourcing to the Philippines.
  • Mr. Outsource makes sure that the client and the Virtual Assistant matches when it comes to personality, attitude, and skill set.
  • Regina shares that  they started with a recruitment business model where they just match a business over virtual assistant.
  • Mr.Outsource promises that VA’s will always have a job with them, as their job is to find clients and the VA’s job is to make sure that client tasks are covered.
  • Regina states that the outsourcing industry is a high paced environment and what we have learned last year may no longer applicable today, it's a continuous learning cycle.
  • Regina always advise her students to find a complimentary service to their service at least they can start from there, they don't really have to compete with the next person, just find a person where their complementary with in order to grow.

Key Points:

  • Mr.Outsource is an outsourcing company providing management and supervised Virtual Assistant services to clients globally.  
  • Regina shares that we can't call ourselves experts on something for so long not until we have to make sure that we know other things and learn it.
  • Over communication with the client is so important especially when you are not physically in one room.




OA 144: Marla Rausch - The Billion Dollar 3D Animation Industry

April 18, 2018

In this 3 part podcast episode, Derek is joined by Marla Rausch, Founder, and CEO of Animation Vertigo. Join Derek as Marla talked more broadly about the development of the Philippines and the development of high skilled servicing roles in the Philippines



  • Marla Rausch is born and raised in the Philippines and moved to the US. She is the CEO and founder of Animation Vertigo and Animation Vertigo Asia.
  • Animation Vertigo started back in 2004.
  • Marla shares that they were looking at a global market finding services in the UK, Serbia, India and China.
  • She thinks that with the world changing it's view as far as it's market and needing more channels.
  • They talked about the Philippines is being progressive and having an opportunity.
  • Animation is artistic and creative and technical and there is no measure that's going to allow you to say this is exactly what that means as discussed by Marla.
  • Marla mentioned that to be supported in the Philippines by the government, the government needs to understand what it is that they are supporting and like Derek said unless it is you know here, this is what we do it becomes difficult.


Key Points:

  • Animation Vertigo and Animation Vertigo Asia we do motion capture animation for film, tv and video games.
  • Marla see the Philippines need to be able to compete in the market where we're really good in talent artistically,  we communicate, we speak english, we have a lot of things going for us but we need to have a stronger infrastructure, a broader idea and education, there should be some value in technical vocational courses that will be for highly skilled people.
  • Access to the internet is essential and access to good internet is critical.






OA 143: Mike Santos - High Calibre Outsourcing Talent

April 16, 2018

In this episode, Derek is joined by Mike Santos of Phil.Exeq Search Solutions..  Join us as Derek deep dives and talks about Mike’s career in recruitment and outsourcing.


  • Mike is the General Manager of PhilExeqSearch Solutions.
  • He shares his thoughts on how things have evolved in recruitment and also the job sector for Manila way back 14 years ago.
  • In the past years, he is also involved in a big scale of recruiting that there is a lot of planning involved.
  • According to Mike, there are opportunities here and if ever you know a third language, it's actually an advantage because they pay at a very high premium rate.


Key Points:

  • The hot jobs in Manila are IT and the call centre industry.
  • English is almost first tongue in the Philippines and as good as and very culturally aligned






OA 142: Regina Evangelista - Success of Online Filipino Workers (OFW)

April 13, 2018

In this episode, Derek is joined by Regina Evangelista.  She is a the Co-founder and CEO of Mr. Outsource.  Join us as Derek talks about Regina’s journey and deep dives into her involvement in the outsourcing sector and promotion of outsourcing and VA services within the provinces of the Philippines



  • Regina is the CEO of Mr. Outsource that provide and manage virtual assistant services. She is also a co-author of the “Outsourcing Mastery” that is basically the 17 secrets in how to outsource in the Philippines.
  • According to Regina, Senate has given more budget this year and the President wanted to push this more IT outsourcing to the rural areas.
  • She also talks about how she started her business and what other businesses takes place after creating one.
  • Clients plays a significant role when it comes to the knowledge transfer and the upskilling the skill that you have because they buy all these courses online and they don't have time to watch those videos, to go through those courses, so what they do is they hire Virtual Assistant.
  • Regina shares that the government step is to make sure that we’re protected but also doing fair share to the country because what they say we’re the new OFWs.


Key Points:  

  • Mr. Outsource is an outsourcing firm specializing in VAs based down in Davao and has been going now for about 7 years.
  • 7 years ago there was no Virtual Assistant term or it was just freelancing term and there was that negative connotation when it comes to freelancing, it's just gigs, you won't succeed with it.
  • Filipinos have that natural Motherly which is giving value and good service.
  • The power of the internet and outsourcing is bringing the world on to one even marketplace and one opportunity.




OA 141: Marla Rausch - Inception of Animation Vertigo

April 11, 2018

In this podcast episode, Derek is joined by Marla Rausch once again, Founder, and CEO of Animation Vertigo.  Join us as Derek deep dive into Marla's highly sophisticated service offering which is motion capture animation.



  • Marla is the founder and CEO of Animation Vertigo Asia here in the Philippines.  They do motion capture animation for film, video games, MTV.
  • They consider themselves as an outsourcer and a specialized service provider at the same time.
  • They built their studio in the Philippines, and ironed the process of sending their data and secure it to make sure there was absolute and keep them confidential and protect as they are proprietary information.
  • Majority of their works will be in the video game industry like Call of Duty, Mortal Kombat X and many more.
  • Marla shares that she see a vast opportunity in the Philippines aside from the desire to want to have Filipino artist recognize worldwide which is one of the reasons why she started it in the Philippines.

Key  Points:

  • Animation Vertigo’s first client is Sony.
  • Filipinos are a family oriented culture.




OA 140: Alex Garcia - Economic Soldiers of the Philippine Future

April 9, 2018

Derek is joined again by Alex Garcia and they will talk more broadly about the outsourcing sector and they will deep dive a little bit into Alex's experience. They will also briefly discuss OFWs and the online world.


Key Points


  • Alex started his company VA4REI without any external funding which is an impressive feat.
  • According to Derek, he thinks that outsourcing is so brilliant because it is offering people in the Philippines an equal opportunity to do professional roles, to earn professional salaries and work for companies in the West without having to leave their families.
  • According to Derek, people that work in the outsourcing industry are the “economic soldiers of the Philippine future” and they need to be celebrated more.




OA 139: Ben Juson - Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Outsourcing

April 6, 2018

In this episode, Derek is joined by Ben Juson of Aptus for the third time. They will talk about A.I. and the march of outsourcing and where it is headed in the next 20 years.


Key Points


  • Ben has been in the outsourcing industry for the last 20 years.


  • Ben thinks that we are in an industrial revolution. And he thinks it is just a matter of how innovative people are and how they will cope with the new technologies.
  • According to Ben, even if you don’t plan for it, for some reason a new job will get established because of technology. There's will always be a need for new functions and that's where he sees the increase in terms of employment. Perhaps a movement from the employees’ current job roles to high-level jobs.


OA 138: Marla Rausch - Philippines as a Great Partner for External Development

April 4, 2018

In this podcast episode, Derek is joined by Marla Rausch, Founder, and CEO of Animation Vertigo. They will talk about Marla’s background and experience in the motion capture animation.


Key Points

  • Derek read a review of Toy Story and it stated that it's harder to start with animation because you are starting with a blank page whereas if you're filming a normal wherein there is a scenery and a set.
  • According to Derek, Universities are no longer that relevant anymore because of the high redundancy. They need to empower people to learn and educate themselves.
  • According to Marla, we need more experts in the Philippines.
  • Derek believes that outsourcing eventually would just be called employment.