OA 130: Kevin Thompson - Outsourcing Breaks Boundaries for Employment

March 16, 2018

Derek is joined for the third time by Kevin Thompson of Open-Look Media. Kevin joined Derek on episodes 124 and 127. In this episode, they will talk about the future of outsourcing, content and publishing.


Key Points

  • According to Kevin, content is the king and the higher quality content you can get and the more evergreen type of content that doesn't have a timetable on it is better.
  • Derek mentioned that according to some podcasts about book publishers; their methodology right now is to create chapters with 1000 words each because that's the attention span that people have nowadays.
  • Kevin thinks that the opportunities are endless nowadays with technology.
  • According to Derek, outsourcing will eventually be called employment. And business owners are going to hire employees and where they are located is not going to be relevant anymore.


OA 128: Chris Urbano - Philippines: The Most Favourable Market to do Business

March 12, 2018

In this episode, Derek is joined by Chris Urbano of Winery Philippines. They will talk about his journey and background. They will also talk about his insights in business, commerce, management fundamentals.


Key Points

  • Derek mentioned that according to Judah Hirsch, in some countries it's very difficult to be an expat. However, in countries like the Philippines, it's actually very easy to be an expat because people are very open and friendly.
  • Chris emphasized the importance of learning Tagalog, even learning 100-200 words would make a big difference.
  • According to Chris. technology has broken down a lot of the traditional barriers to cross-border movement.




OA 127: Kevin Thompson - Philippines: Creating Opportunities and Transcending Diversity

March 9, 2018

Derek is joined today by Kevin Thompson of Open-Look. They will deep dive into Open-Look and discuss the services that they offer.


Key Points

  • According to Kevin, the benefit of the offshore model really is the price. It's more cost effective.
  • The beauty of the Philippines is that your businesses do not sacrifice much and that the cultural differences are not what many people would expect from a foreign country.
  • Their ambition as company is creating opportunities. They also love the idea of being able to work with people that may not have other options.


OA 126: Jaycee De Guzman - Artificial Intelligence’s threat to Outsourcing

March 7, 2018

Derek is joined by Jaycee de Guzman for the third time. Stay tuned as they discuss the future of content, outsourcing and digital media.

Key Points

  • Marketing is not outright selling, it is about “real relationship building.”
  • Jaycee believes that content that is written by a machine cannot and will never outrun content that this written by a human with emotions, humor, and personal connection with his or her target reader.
  • There’s very tough competition these days when it comes to content. Most especially because content is starting to become undervalued.
  • Jaycee mentioned that according to a seminar that he attended, the outsourcing business will become a trillion dollar business in 2020.


OA 125: Neville Samuels - Hiring the Right People is Key

March 5, 2018

This episode is the third installment of Derek’s podcast featuring Neville Samuels. They will talk more broadly about outsourcing, the future of outsourcing, different outsourcing destinations, and different outsourcing options.


Key Points

  • According to Neville, the Philippines has become the go to location for customer service and repetitive work.
  • It makes a big difference for businesses that are apprehensive, to know that there's someone local that’ll understanding things. Which is a big advantage for Neville because he is based in Melbourne.
  • Outsourcing is a win-win for everyone.
  • Neville highlighted the importance of hiring the right people and the difference it would make to your businesses if you get this right.


OA 124: Kevin Thompson - Filipino Culture in Outsourcing

March 2, 2018

Derek is joined today by Kevin Thompson of Open-Look, a niche market publishing company. Join them as they discuss more about Open-Look and Kevin’s journey which all started in 2010.


Key Points

  • Nowadays, it's really common for publishers to offer both the traditional print hard copy as well as some form of a digital publication.
  • According to Kevin, Cebu city has exploded now in terms of progress.
  • Kevin mentioned that the Filipino culture made his transition in the Philippines so much easier.


OA 123: Jaycee De Guzman - Evolution of Digital Marketing

February 28, 2018

In this podcast episode, Derek is once again joined by Jaycee de Guzman. They will discuss Jaycee’s digital marketing agency, iPresence, it’s services and how it’s different from other companies. He will also share his experiences and knowledge in the world of digital marketing.

Key Points

  • According to Jaycee, clients from the West have high standards whenever they outsource their digital marketing needs to iPresence.
  • Jaycee mentioned that Google favors long form content than short-form ones.
  • Since 2017 video marketing has been the focus of digital marketing.
  • The advantage of being in the Philippines is that businesses here can afford to be more cost-effective because of the cheaper cost of manpower and cheaper cost of living.


OA 122: Neville Samuels - Virtual Staffing fortifying Outsourcing

February 26, 2018

Derek is joined by Neville Samuels of VirtualStaff365 for the second time. They will discuss Neville’s company and how they helps their clients. They will also discuss what Neville believe is the best approach to outsourcing.

Key Points

  • The real difference between VirtualStaff365 and a BPO is they don't have any set premises in any particular area in the Philippines or anywhere else. Their staff work from home.
  • Pros and Cons:
    • Pros is the cost.
    • Cons is that it’s harder to manage four or five people working in different places than it is if they're all in one office.
  • You don’t necessarily get higher productivity from employees working in a BPO office compared to people working from home.
  • The number one challenge for VirtualStaff365 is client education.
  • Two reasons to suggest BPO:
    • Teamwork
    • Data Security
  • Two reasons why the initial phase of outsourcing may not work for a client:
    • Recruitment of the wrong person
    • The client is not able to train the hired personnel


OA 121: Sharon Melamed - New World Trends in Outsourcing

February 23, 2018

In this episode, Derek is joined by Sharon Melamed for the third time, she is an industry veteran for outsourcing and has worked in the outsourcing industry for 25 years.  She runs a company called Matchboard which is effectively a matchmaking service of outsourcing. Join Derek as he dig dive into Sharon’s thoughts about outsourcing and the future of outsourcing.


Key Points:

  • Matchboard is a matching platform where a company can tell it needs for outsourcing, and a matching algorithm will find a short list of perfect match outsources to help with that particular business need.
  • The outsourcing industry in the Philippines employs around 1.1 million people plus or minus about another million and it contributes about 10% GDP.


OA 120: Jaycee De Guzman - Content Marketing Shifting to Better Technology

February 21, 2018

Derek is joined today by Jaycee de Guzman of iPresence which is a digital marketing company. They will discuss about Jaycee’s extended history in outsourcing and digital marketing services.


Key Points

  • Based on research from 2018 until 2020 the content marketing style will start to shift from text based content into video content.
  • According to Jaycee, majority of the Filipinos are visual people which is why iPresence chose video content marketing as an approach to top the Philippine market.
  • According to Jaycee, generally a majority of their clients are open into the idea of outsourcing.
  • According to a survey conducted by Jaycee’s team, a staggering 92% of business owners would choose to outsource their digital marketing needs.