OA 168: Bas Mahwin - Outsourcing Opportunities for the SME Market

July 10, 2018

Derek Gallimore looks into the challenges of outsourcing in the SME market with guest Bastiaan Mawhin. Bas, a Dutch national, is an outsourcing and offshoring strategist dedicated to helping clients succeed in their outsourcing journey. He has been in the Philippines for ten years working and mastering the intricacies of the outsourcing industry.



  • Bas first came to the Philippines, ten years ago initially on a short project with Shell. He then noticed the potential of outsourcing or offshoring, thus helping companies established their presence in the Philippines.
  • He discussed the evolution of BPOs and how these outsourcing providers opens the market and opportunities for SMEs, and how small businesses with as few as three to five people reach 20, 30 and more.
  • Bas first encounters with SMEs was with MicroSourcing. It is in MicroSourcing that Derek got to know Bas.
  • MicroSourcing caters to the needs of the SME market by leasing seats for company staff or small outsource service providers.
  • Bas mentioned price competition as one of the challenges within the BPO industry. Unutilized space for lease in BPO companies affects their income thus prompting some to drop leasing prices.
  • Bas explains that price dropping and other cost-saving strategies in the BPO industry the customer may suffer as service quality may also drop correspondingly.
  • There is a great potential for the talent pool in the Philippines as the outsourcing industry step up with the demands of the global market.


Key Points:

  • The services of the outsourcing industry is not only for the big business players but for the SMEs as well.
  • Seat leasing in BPOs create opportunities for small companies with as few as five to ten people and grow in number as they find more clients from the global market.
  • Outsourcing providers and BPOs must step up with the global demand for high quality talents.





OA 167: Paul Higgins - Fast-Changing Technology and its Impact on Businesses

July 6, 2018

Derek’s third time guest for Episode 167 is Paul Higgins, founder of Build Live Give. He first joined Derek in Episode 157, and then for the second time in Episode 163.

Build Live Give helps corporate escapees build their dream business, enjoy freedom, live a great life, and give back to the community. Paul Higgins shares his story, his exodus of the corporate world, and how he regained freedom, and gave back to the community



  • Paul Higgins left a brilliant career of 18 years with Coca-Cola until corporate stress took its toll on his health.
  • He narrates that he gave up his demanding corporate job to take control of his life, to enjoy freedom, to live more years with his family, and to be able to give back to the community.
  • Paul’s Build Live Give provides support to business start-ups, grow their dreams and achieve not only financial freedom but a great life with loved ones.
  • Paul speaks of the fast-changing technology and its impact on business and the world economy. In the years to come, there will be more machine-to-machine operations in production lines. More jobs will be taken over by machines and human robots.
  • As that’s happening, Paul says Build Live Give offers an option of better coaching, fast mentoring from a community of global experts; earn big income from opportunities that come with change and outsourcing from a pool of specialists around the world.
  • Paul mentions the success of Facebook and Google in the field of advertising, and the success of Apple in the mobile phone industry. It’s all because these companies embraced technology and introduced change well ahead.


Key Points:

  • Corporate escapees can build their own dream business or earn a better living outside the corporate world by tapping the right support like Build Live Give.
  • Success is more convenient when earned along with global experts and specialist that provides advance coaching and mentoring. That’s the power of networking.
  • Technology is fast-changing, level-up by embracing new technology or introduce change.
  • Money alone does not spell success.





OA 166: Connecting Business Owners to Outsourcing Suppliers - Source Connect

July 3, 2018

Derek Gallimore hosts our 166​th ​podcast episode and features “Source Connect”. “Source Connect” is a module that can be used by the clients, the entrepreneurs, and business owners who are willing to enter the outsourcing service world. In this podcast, we will see how this module can help not only those who are in BPO industries or SMEs but to all the clients who are aspiring to be one of the best entrepreneurs and business owners in the world.



  • Derek talked about a fantastic module called the “Source Connect”. It is fully verified and registered and has very high quality outsourcing supply partners.
  • Derek focused on the things that you will learn from the module and that will really give you an interest to know about the said module and dig deeper in it.
  • He also explained the benefits that you could get once you have the module. This is not just for the BPO but for you as well. Both parties could get an awesome surprise, which is the 30 percent cash back.
  • Once you have this module and completed the forms needed in taking the courses on their website, which is the outsourceaccelerator.com/quote, you have the chance to win the bid. They are going to choose three bidders and get connected to outsourcing service suppliers.


Key Points:

  • The module creates an environment of cooperation, an environment of respect, an environment of fairness, and an environment that encourages jobs and deals get done.
  • Their mission really is to aggregate everything to make it easier, to educate and to promote outsourcing.
  • This module connects the two sides of the market place. The bidder and the taker.



OA 165: Andrew Mault - Enterprise Service Outsourcing in the SME Space

June 29, 2018

Derek Gallimore hosts our very first podcast episode and features Andrew MaultAndrew Mault is the Country Manager and owner of Hammerjack. He’s been working in Operational Management for the last twenty years. He is taking enterprise service outsourcing and brings it to the SME space. Andrew and his family moved in the Philippines and they have been staying here for five years.



  • Andrew is originally from Australia and has been working in operational management in the last twenty years.
  • Andrew and his wife and two kids are staying and residing in the Philippines for five years now.
  • He shared his experiences in the enterprising and corporate level operations – how he strived to reach his position as the Country Manager and owner of Hammerjack.
  • Andrew shared his experience in the Philippines. How the people are very hard working and professionals. He learned a lot in terms of lifestyle, traditions and how to be more mature in terms of handling a company.
  • He entered the BPO Industry and has been working with operations and he already has hundreds of people working for his company at this moment.
  • He also discussed about the SMB or small and mid-size businesses and how it works in business outsourcing. He also mentioned about how the SMB can help people in this kind of business.


Key points

  • Hard working is the key to success and it will be the way for you to reach the top.
  • Handling people professionally and understanding the people behind the monitors and computers are also the key and the secret to make the business grow. Appreciating their hard work is also a big help for them to work hard.
  • Hire good people when you are starting a business most especially in the BPO industry.



OA 164: Lester Tay - Inception of Atticus Solutions

June 26, 2018

Derek Gallimore hosts the one hundred and sixty fourth podcast episode and features Lester Tay. In this episode, Derek is joined by Lester Tay of Atticus Solutions. Join us as Derek deep dives and talks about Lester’s outsourcing service provider company and how it differs from others. We get to hear how he started his company with only one person, the difficulties, and how it has grown today.



  • Lester was educated overseas, educated in London, got a job in Australia and was then always inclined to come back to the Philippines to start a business.
  • Lester started Atticus Advisory Solutions in 2013.
  • Atticus Advisory Solutions do not have voice accounts, they focus on higher value services or IT specialization.
  • Lester’s company is very transparent with their clients.


Key Points:

  • Starting a BPO business requires a lot of patience and perseverance.
  • Take the plunge and allow your business to grow and prosper.
  • The key to a successful BPO is treating your staff very good to help achieve both of the employer and the employee’s goals.





OA 163: Paul Higgins - Build Live Give, Live a Great Life and Give Back

June 22, 2018

Today, we deep dive into 'Build Live Give,' and how Paul Higgins enriches people’s entrepreneurial journey. Paul specifically focuses on the people that have left the corporate world, and helps them get into the entrepreneurial world. One of the major strength in achieving this is by utilizing outsourcing.


  • Paul discussed how outsourcing is essential in small businesses.
  • Paul explained the need to spend time with family without compromising the financial security.
  • He also pointed out the five key components of outsourcing that includes personal productivity, picking the ideal client, getting the right business model, getting around sales focus, and getting the high performing team (Virtual Assistant).

Key Points:

  • If you want to have more time with your family without compromising your financial stability, then consider the five key components of outsourcing.
  • Personal productivity and getting a VA are the most important keys that you need to have in order to survive being away from the corporate world.
  • Hiring Virtual Assistants to work on your behalf is ideal.


OA 162: Kris Buckham - High Touch, High Value Outsourcing Service

June 19, 2018

In this episode, Derek is joined by Kris Buckham, the founder of 'Cooee.'  Join us as Derek deep dives and talks about Kris’ high touch, high value BPO, plus a brain training and management training program. We look at the future of outsourcing, how it's evolving, and also, talk about AI and how it’s going to affect the outsourcing sector in the Philippines and the world, generally.




  • Kris co-founded a start up in the outsourcing space which is a high touch, high value BPO, but also in brain-based coaching and facilitation.


    • Kris shares his insight about the shared services before and how it’s really changed in the last 10 years.


  • Kris and his wife, Pia, also have a unique BPO of their own.
  • Kris supports their clients by not only giving services, but only supports all throughout the process of their client’s endeavors.
  • Kris and Derek talked about AI and automation and how it might affect the BPO jobs in the Philippines.




  • Empathy is needed when working on SMEs to help understand the clients.
  • The Filipinos are getting better and better when it comes to BPO skills.
  • Outsourcing has become popular all throughout the Philippines.






OA 161: The Strong Future of Outsourcing

June 15, 2018

Today in this podcast, Derek discusses a recently released white paper and It is called, "The Strong Future of Outsourcing" and it is discussing from the perspective of the SME market.


  • Outsourcing sector has been going about 25 years since the advent of cheap telecommunications, internet, and the evolution of technology according to Derek.
  • According to Derek, Philippine BPO sector is expected to slow down from the double-digit growth rate enjoyed during the first phase of its expansion.
  • Derek shares that there are concern that the industry is not keeping up with the required evolution for to be able keep up with its previously high growth rates.
  • He feels that the Philippine economy or the outsourcing sector has really taken for granted a lot of this growth in the industry.
  • Derek talked about the democratization of outsourcing the strong future of outsourcing coming from SME sector.
  • He believes that that over the next 20-30 years if not every single business will be outsourcing some of their staffing requirements.
  • Derek strongly believe that there is a strong future for outsourcing and that is a win-win for all involve.


Key Points:

  • Philippines Outsourcing industry has been an economic savior for the country.
  • In just 10 years, the Philippines increase it's world share of outsourcing service provision. From 4% in 2004 to 12.3% in 2014.
  • The Philippines BPO industry raked in over 22 Billion in 2015 and today it is the second largest source employment in the country.





OA 160: Lester Tay - Why I Started an Outsourcing Company

June 12, 2018

Lester Tay is a Filipino who founded Atticus Solutions in the Philippines in 2013. Before founding Atticus Solutions, he went to London to do his MBA. After his MBA, he worked in Australia and saw the opportunity to start outsourcing in the Philippines.


  • Lester took up his MBA in London, United Kingdom.
  • When his MBA was finished, he was assigned in Australia for a job.
  • One day, he met his first client in Australia who talked to him about setting up a BPO industry in the Philippines.
  • Having met his first client, he resigned from his job and came back to the Philippines.
  • Lester founded Atticus Solutions in 2013 with one person.
  • Lester went through a lot of trial and errors at first, but eventually, he figured out how to handle each client.
  • Lester mentioned that the Philippine talent is very competitive compared to other talents in the world.
  • For Lester, the biggest cultural difference is that Filipinos do not voice out their opinions, so he’s trying to encourage the people to speaking up.
  • Lester explains why outsourcing is more productive and cost effective.
  • Lester’s clients are from Australia, New Zealand, and Europe.
  • Lester explains that each client has different understanding of the outsourcing industry.
  • Lester points out that people from New Zealand is more aware of the outsourcing industry than the people from Australia.

Key Points:

  • Outsourcing is one of the emerging business solutions in the world.
  • Outsourcing greatly affects the Philippine economy by being able to provide more jobs to Filipinos.


OA 159: Kris Buckham - Brain-based Coaching to Improve Performance

June 8, 2018

In this episode, Derek is joined by Kris Buckham the founder of Cooee.  Join us as Derek deep dives and talks specifically about Kris' company which is called Cooee and explore the values that he offers to potential consultants.



  • Kris spent many years in the Finance Industry but the last 10 years is in Manila with Deutsche Bank working in shared services.
  • He and his wife co-found a startup which is Cooee and they run brain based coaching programs for manage team lead level with companies in the Philippines and abroad.
  • Kris shares that his company pitch more as a boutique of higher up the value chain. They spend a lot of time on site with their clients and give them high quality kind of reporting, governance and resiliency plans.
  • He also talks about the value adds and some of the similarities and differences that they convey to people.
  • He point out that you need to be able to unlock and find what really drives and motivates people and in their program, this is what they are trying to teach.
  • They groom their leaders to operate at a very analytical level.
  • Derek thinks that it is important that people recognize the work environment as communities.
  • Kris share his insight about evolving and improving their business.


Key Points:

  • The name Cooee is used as a call, a call to attract attention and it's typically used in the outback regions of Australia.
  • Philippines are the world specialist in kind of process optimization and KPIs.